Girls' Life beauty editorial: Bright Knights

They might be new to the whole magical school thing, but Daniella Perkins and Lilimar, stars of Nickelodeon’s Knight Squad, are full-on pros when it comes to looking fierce. Set your sights on graphic eyes, bold blushes, cool crystal touches and more of spring’s must-try trends.

It’s been far too long since Tris Prior ruled our lives in the Divergent series, and even longer since we first fell in love with Katniss in The Hunger Games. So right now, we’re in serious need of a dose of realness from a new headstrong heroine—or two. Enter: Ciara and Sage from Knight Squad.

The inspiring leading ladies of Nickelodeon’s newest show—played by mega talented Nick veterans Daniella Perkins (you might know her from her amaze Musical.lys and Legendary Dudas) and Lilimar (aka Sophie Delarosa from Bella and the Bulldogs)—are soon to be your new go-to’s for all the girl-power feels.

Just like our favorite heroines before them, these knights-in-training know their way around swords and bows and arrows (the two-week weapons rehearsals were nothing short of intense, Daniella reports). Oh, and both characters are smart, courageous and completely in charge.

“Ciara knows exactly what she wants,” Daniella, 17, says. “And when a problem is thrown at her, she’ll handle it with grace.”

As for Sage, she too will do whatever it takes to make sure she becomes a knight. “Like Ciara, Sage is extremely confident and doesn’t care about the opinions of others,” says Lilimar, also 17. “But I think these girls really do inspire each other to do their best and prove themselves worthy of being future knights.”  

IRL, both babes kick butt in their own right. Lilimar’s Insta is serious style inspo. Lush velvet, a cozy knit and shiny vinyl? Issa look.

Meanwhile, Daniella’s makeup tutorials are full of handy beauty hacks (Visine + mascara = easy application and fuller lashes) and her vlogs with sis Devenity are always hilarious—especially when they spend the day goofing off with her Blurt bud Jace Norman and fellow Nick star Casey Simpson.

And when it comes to makeup? Their styles are totally different—but equally enviable. Dani could gush over beauty all day and slays in her vlogger-approved essentials. “When I’m not filming, I’m in full-on fake eyelashes, I make sure my brows are right...and I always gotta have the highlight poppin’. If I’m not glowing, I don’t know what I’m doing!” she laughs.

Meanwhile, Lilimar keeps her routine low-key. “I love dewy looks,” she shares. “I’m a huge fan of long lashes. And I’m a sucker for good blush.”

Bright, fearless, fun—these two have everything in common with the spring looks they play with on these pages. From bold choices (that geometric liner!) to all-eyes-on-me accents (hello, crystals!) to saturated shades (luxe lids 4ever), this season’s trends are all about cool confidence and effortless empowerment. Hmm, sounds like a certain pair of knights-in-training we know.

Practice your power pose: There’s no stronger statement than bold blocking on eyes + nails. Pick saturated shades on opposite sides of the spectrum (like canary and teal) or try similar tones (like peach and pink).

Partner presh peony with luxe lilac, then blend out your bold blush pairing for an ombré effect that adds interest around the eyes and cheekbones.

A pearlescent, petrol-inspired palette adds edge to last year’s major mermaid moment. Mix seaworthy shades (aqua, greige and just a bit of blue) on the lower lash lines, then sweep a muddy matte across your lids.

Structured shapes and geometric designs make you museum-ready in a moment. (And yes, you are the work of art.)

Punctuate your peepers with a sparkly smattering of cool-girl crystals—just be sure to play those iced-out eyes against low-key lips so the look stays girly, not gaudy.

“In elementary school, my friends used to ask me, ‘What’s wrong with your eyes?’” Lilimar says of her heterochromia (which means her eyes are two different colors: One’s hazel, the other’s green). “I’ve never disliked my eyes, but they did make me a little insecure.” And she learned to love what sets her apart from others and is all about playing up her peepers. “I love to choose eye looks—like dark shadows and liner—that really call attention to them and make them pop.”

Beauty copy by Kelsey Haywood Lucas. Nails by Sarah Chue for Exclusive Artists using Chanel Le Vernis. On-set styling by Gary Wells.

A version of this story originally appeared in the February/March 2018 issue of Girls' Life magazine.


by Sydney Adamson | 4/21/2018