The 7 best sassy (and hilarious!) Sabrina Carpenter moments

Riding the success of her new album Singular Act I (which you can stream here) Sabrina Carpenter is killing the game—and loving life while doing it. She's talented, funny and oh-so glam. 

Continue reading to see some of our fave moments from the sass queen herself, and get *obsessed* with Sabrina for yourself (that is, if you're not already!).

1. When she was *so* over this cheesy interview game

This interviewer from Young Hollywood set up a cup stacking game in which neither she or Sabrina could use their thumbs.

Sabrina's reaction? "Let's just get this over with." We see you, girl. We saw that eye roll, too.

2. When she (jokingly) forgot how to spell her last name

Our girl is the queen of sarcasm, and she (sort of) fooled these interviewers by "forgetting" how to spell Carpenter when writing "We've Only Just Begun" by The Carpenters on the playlist of her life. 

3. Her signature eye roll - All. The. Time.

This look of distaste has us all practicing how to be *this* great at throwing shade. What a pro!

4. Her entire single, "Sue Me"

Sabrina's new song puts the power in power move, srsly. This boss girl anthem is perfect for anyone seeking a little harmless (and gorgeous!) revenge against an ex. The track is full of attitude, just like our queen!

5. Her character, Maya Hart, on Girl Meets World

The hilarious and blunt personality of Maya in Girl Meets World must be inspired by the IRL Sabrina because these two are *seriously* two peas in a pod.

6. One word: Vine

Thought you had enough? Wrong! If you haven't seen Sabrina's Vine compilation, you're missing out. This girl is funny

7. This video that perfectly displays her friendship with Joey King

Sabrina and The Kissing Booth's Joey King are high-key BFFs, and this clip behind the scenes of the "Sue Me" video is one for the books. We love them! 

What are some of your fave Sabrina moments? Share them with us below!


by Logan Potter | 12/24/2018