Black-ish star Marsai Martin silences Twitter trolls with a dose of sarcasm

Hollywood's *youngest* executive producer and Black-ish star Marsai Martin put Twitter haters to rest following her appearance on the virtual 2020 BET Awards which aired Sunday. Marsai presented the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist award to Megan Thee Stallion, but it appears some viewers were more focused on Marsai's appearance rather than her announcement.

Marsai responded Sunday evening with an Instagram post addressing the critiques and she made sure to combine humor with an *Oscar-worthy* performance as she delivered a sarcastic apology. 


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"So I was on Twitter, and a lot of people have been addressing my hair or talking about my hair and how it looks like a grandma's wig and they're talking about my veneers, and this don't look like a veneer to me..."

Marsai—appearing distraught—begins to apologize to anyone who felt bothered by her appearance.

"I'm sorry to anyone I offended or haven't gotten to your expectations about how I'm supposed to be. I apologize. I never want to hurt anyone's feelings or have anyone worried about what my decisions are... I'm sorry."

A few seconds later, Marsai is seen grabbing what viewers thought to be a tissue, but instead, she presented a subtle *clap back* and pulled out a Benjamin. As if we needed another reason to stan. If it wasn't initially clear the apology video was a hoax, Marsai added a statement as she appeared *unbothered* wiping her nose with a $100 bill. 

Rather than ending the video on the topic of her hair, Marsai presented a call to action shifting the focus of the conversation to more prominent matters.

"Y'all we are in quarantine and we got more things to focus on that just my hair. Justice for Breonna Taylor."

She's right, there are more constructive issues for people to bring their attention to rather than the policing of a Black woman's appearance.


Many fans flooded the platform to shut down the haters and defend Marsai.

Marsai joined in to silence the Twitter trolls...

It's evident that Marsai is unphased by the recent backlash and the only stamp of approval she needs is from herself. Although trolls attempted to dim the light of Marsai, she continued to shine as she became a two-time recipient of the Young Star Award from BET. She shared her excitement on Twitter Tuesday morning.

Marsai Martin, continue to be unapologetically you.


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by Samantha Dorisca | 7/1/2020