31 reasons why we love Taylor Swift (in honor of her 31st birthday)


It's December 13, AKA Taylor Swift day! Our favorite cat-loving popstar is turning 31 this year, and to celebrate, we're sharing 31 reasons why we love her.

1. She writes the soundtracks to our lives.

Listening to a Taylor Swift song is like reading a page from your diary. Her songs are so relatable, and there's one to match pretty much any feeling or mood.

2. She gave us two studio albums in the span of five months.

Can we all collectively agree that folklore and evermore were the best things to happen in 2020? Taylor gave us 34 new songs in less than six months. Not to mention that she's currently re-recording her old albums. She works *hard*.

3. She's such a versatile musician.

Is there any genre Taylor can't do? From country to pop to alternative to indie, Taylor can sing and write pretty much anything—and sound good while doing it.

4. She teaches us to never let a man get us down.

Whether it be against her exes, other male musicians or misogynistic label reps, Taylor stands up for women's rights and always rallies for positive change in the industry.

5. She provides us with quality cat content.


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Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button are the *ultimate* cat trio. We love getting to see snippets from their lives on Taylor's Instagram.

6. She puts on the coolest live shows.

If you've ever been to a Taylor Swift concert, you probably know what we mean. Her shows are massive spectacles, filled with costume changes, intricate set designs and fireworks. And who doesn't get chills listening to 60,000 people scream the words to "Love Story"?

7. She invites fans to her house.

Before she releases a new album, Taylor scours social media for her biggest fans and invites them to her house for listening parties, known as Secret Sessions. She bakes them cookies, plays them the album in advance and chats with them about each song. It's basically our ultimate goal to get invited to one.

8. She writes *all* of her own songs.


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Taylor has been a part of the writing process for every one of her songs. In fact, she writes many of them solo. 

9. She's super generous.

She always donates money to charities and fans in need. And she doesn't just do it for the publicity—she often donates in secret.

10. She always keeps it classy.

Taylor doesn't spend her time getting into petty arguments and celeb catfights. She always keeps it classy, which is one reason why we love having her as a role model.

11. She has gifted us with some legendary collabs.

From Ed Sheeran to Brendon Urie to Bon Iver, we have been *blessed* with some epic duets thanks to Miss Swift.

12. She speaks up for smaller artists in the industry.

Taylor rallied for change in the streaming industry when she took a stand against Apple Music for refusing to pay artists enough royalties.

13. She's obsessed with the number 13.

Of course this one had to be number 13 on our list! We love Taylor's obsession with this typically unlucky number. 

14. She blesses us with amazing music videos.

Taylor's music videos always tell a captivating story, complete with beautiful visuals and incredible special effects. Our current fave? Her latest music video for her new song "Willow."

15. She's always sporting the cutest looks, whether they be fancy.....

She's got the red carpet look down. We love her sparkly dresses and gorgeous gowns.


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16. .....or casual.


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But she can rock a comfy outfit just as well. 

17. She interacts with fans on social media.

Taylor follows fans on Tumblr and interacts with them on Twitter. We love reading up on Taylor's inside jokes on social media.

18. She is down-to-earth.

Even though Taylor is arguably one of the most famous people on the planet, she doesn't let the fame get to her head. She always takes time to snap a selfie with a fan.


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19. She plays four instruments.

It's no secret that Taylor is musically-inclined, but did you know that she plays four instruments? She plays the guitar, piano, ukulele and banjo.

20. She's super body positive.

Taylor has been really transparent lately about her struggles with body image. She gives such inspirational advice to girls who struggle with the same thing.

21. She keeps our brains sharp.

She's notorious for planting "easter eggs"—hints for upcoming albums and references to previous songs—in her music, social media posts and videos. Hunting for these clues definitely keeps us sharp.

22. She doesn't let the haters get her down.

Her anti-hater anthems "Shake it Off" and "Mean" say it all. No matter how much people try to tear her down, Taylor proves that she's resilient. 

23. She's close with her family.


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Taylor is really close with her family—just listen to "The Best Day" or "Soon You'll Get Better." She frequently travels with her mom and dad, and she's always supportive of her brother's endeavors.

24. She's multitalented.


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Is there anything this girl can't do? In addition to being an incredible musician, Taylor is skilled at baking and painting.

25. She's a true friend to her besties.


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We've all wanted to be a part of Taylor's squad. She's an amazing friend to her besties like Abigail Anderson, Selena Gomez, Blake Lively and Martha Hunt.

26. She is unapologetically herself.

Taylor's not afraid of looking silly or nerdy. She fully embraces her awkwardness, and we love her for it.

27. She hosts free meet and greets after *every* show for her biggest fans.

During each concert, Taylor's mom picks out the coolest costumes and posters from the crowd and invites fans to hang out with Taylor after the show. The fans get snacks, free merch and individual time with Taylor. 

28. Her vocal skills are unmatched.

Have you heard Tay hit a high note? Our jaws drop. She's got incredible vocal abilities.

29. She's like our big sister.

Taylor always gives the best advice. We feel like we can look up to her as if she was our big sister.

30. She has smashed *so* many records.

In almost every aspect of her career, Taylor has broken records. She has the most top 40 singles out of any female artist. She is the first female solo act to win Album of the Year at the Grammy's twice. And she's won the most American Music Awards of any artist, with 32 awards. Just to name a few.

31. She has always been there for us.

For 14 years now, Taylor has been creating music. She has always been there for us over the years with amazing songs and inspirational advice. We can't wait to see what she's planning to do next.

In honor of Taylors bday, we created a playlist including 13 *smash hits* from every album so you can jam out with us today!

Love Story

Out of the Woods

Blank Space

Speak Now


The Last Great American Dynasty

No Body, No Crime 

New Romantics 

You Belong With Me

Speak Now
Back to December

Speak Now
Long Live 

Taylor Swift
Our Song


Happy 31st birthday, Taylor! We love you!

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by Hayley Miller, Kathleen O'Neill, Serena Sherwood and Sophia Zhang | 12/13/2020