Here’s how to get Dixie D’Amelio to feature you


Dixie has created her very own TikTok challenge called Picked by Dix. Every month she picks a new TikToker to be named creator of the month. As the creator of the month, this TikToker will get a shoutout on Dixie's account along with receiving a *big* PR package full of goodies and supplies to help them become an even *better* creator!

Read on to find out how YOU could potentially be Dixie's next pick for the creator of the month.

@dixiedamelio ♬ original sound - dixie 🤍

Anyone can participate in the Picked by Dix challenge! All you have to do is use the hashtag #pickedbydixie and post TikToks you feel showcase your *best* talents along with reasons explaining why Dixie should name you the creator of the month. 


PLS TAG HER - @dixiedamelio , & i have filmed over 400 vids since JAN, every vid took me 4-8 HOURS & im a biomed student #pickedbydixie #makeup

♬ Roommates - Dixie D'Amelio

The lucky winner this month was Frishta, and she *def* deserved it. Frishta pulled out all her best makeup skills and top-notch TikTok tricks. With the support of her dedicated followers and personal ambition, she caught Dixie's eye and was rightfully named the creator of the month.


follow her on all socials @frishtaxx 🤍 CONGRATS AND GET READY FOR NEXT MONTHS!!!

♬ original sound - dixie 🤍

We cannot wait to see who Dixie is going to pick next month, and we're so happy she created this challenge for everyone to participate in!


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Are you going to enter in the #pickedbydix challenge? Let us know by tagging us @GirlsLifemag!


by Hayley Miller | 1/14/2021