EXCLUSIVE! In "Hometown Heart," Erin Reese goes back to her roots

As she navigates Hollywood and social media rising stardom, Erin Reese knows how to stay grounded and humble. In her newest single "Hometown Heart," the teen singer-songwriter and Chicken Girls actress goes back to her Floridian roots and brings *all* the best pop-country vibes. We asked Erin all about who inspires her music, the lyrics she loves and her biggest dreams for the future...

Jam out to "Hometown Heart" below:

GL: What's "Hometown Heart" all about?

Erin: It's about me balancing my life in Hollywood with my normal life in Florida. Like getting all dressed up and glam on Hollywood Boulevard and then coming home to be my regular self—putting my boots on, playing in the mud, riding horses and being surrounded by my friends and family. It's showing how I can be both people.

A lot of people have told me that, not being raised in that Hollywood life, I'm humble. My family in Florida has always taught me to be true to myself and to the people who love me and care about me. My family means a lot to me in general, but my grandpa is really impoortant to me. He's always encouraging me and pushing me whenever I feel like giving up. I really appreciate him. 

GL: What's your favorite lyric?

Erin: "This Rodeo rolls a little different 'cause there ain't no yeehaw." Playing on the word rodeo with Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

GL: What's some advice you have about songwriting?

Erin: Put your real life and your real situations into your music. I think it adds a lot of feeling and makes the listeners relate to it more. That's what I did with "Hometown Heart" and I hope people connect to it and to my experiences. I hope peoople really relate to my music—but also that they want to listen over and over again because it's so catchy!

Song: "Love You From a Distance" by Ashley Kutcher. It's been my song for the past three weeks now. I love it.
TV show: It's a throwback, but H2O: Just Add Water.
Go-to snack: I put peanut butter and jelly in a roll-up and I cut it up and it looks like sushi! So good, especially with strawberry jelly.
YouTuber: David Dobrik. He's so funny. I met him once and was fangirling so hard.

GL: Who inspires your music?

Erin: Definitely Dolly Parton. I look up to her so much. I was in two of her movies and I got to meet her sister, and she was telling us their life story and how after church they would always sing and bring people together and have a good time no matter what. They have so many amazing stories. Being in those movies was a highlight of my life. As a singer, my biggest dream is to do a song with Dolly Parton, Kacey Musgraves or Carrie Underwood because those are three female artists I really look up to.

GL: What's something you've overcome recently?

Erin: Coming out of my shell. When I was younger, I was very quiet and shy. I didn't have any friends because I was so scared to approach people. I've definitely gotten more comfortable being myself around others and being excited to meet new people and have conversations.

GL: What's one piece of advice you'd give GL readers? 

Erin: Believe in yourself. You're going to fail sometimes—that's OK, it happens to everyone. But those little moments along the way build up and you're going to find success in your life if you keep working hard and having faith in what you're doing.

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Image Credit: Nicole Mitchem.

by Katherine Hammer | 2/21/2021