12 moments that will make you fall in love with K-pop group TWICE

TWICE is back with *the* album of the summer! In an interview with NME about their new EP Taste of Love, Nayeon explained, "The weather is getting nice and a lot of people, including ourselves, want to travel but we cannot in the age of COVID-19, so we wanted to bring to the fans a very bright song that can give good vibes to our fans." With Latin pop-themed single "Alcohol-Free" and the mini-album's vibrant B-sides, TWICE has certainly delivered!

In honor of Taste of Love's recent release, here are 12 of the many, many moments that made us fall deeper in love with TWICE.

1. When they absolutely killed the 2x speed dance challenge

From their opening formation imitating an Insta post to the intense dance break (with main dancer Momo's impressive solo), not a single member missed a beat or gave into her fatigue. Even with "Likey" playing at double speed, TWICE maintained charismatic smiles throughout and won the TWICE fandom (affectionately named "ONCE") over with their committment to their performance.

2. When they created the ultimate crossover masterpiece through the "What is Love?" music video

Ever since we got TWICE's detailed recreations of esteemed films such as The Princess DiariesLa La Land, and Romeo and Juliet, we've been waiting for an acting debut. 

3. When Momo and Sana proved bestie goals by going live at 3:30am and covered BTS's "Dynamite" (timestamp: 1:46:17)

The sleepover vibes are strong in this one. TWICE's professionally-filmed music videos and intricate stage performances are always a pleasure to watch, but so are their impromptu covers. Having your BFF, comfy PJs, some quirky accessories and your best dance moves is a guarantee for an amazing time.

4. Jihyo's stunning vocal and dance cover of Camila Cabello and Grey's "Crown"

There is nothing that TWICE's leader can't do! TWICE has tried many concepts over the years from cutesy to girl crush and retro, but mysterious and mature suits Jihyo so well. 

5. When they prioritized comedy over their image on Insta


A post shared by TWICE (@twicetagram)

The distorted "Hey girl," the enlarged eyes, the exaggerated wink... TWICE is not afraid to get goofy, and ONCE can't help but love the girls' humorous and relatable side!

6. Their American debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

With their first U.S. TV performance on critically acclaimed late-night talk show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, TWICE showed that music, feeling and passion transcend the boundaries of language.

7. When rapper Dahyun melted our ears with her calming piano and vocal rendition of "Feel Special"

Though it was her birthday, Dahyun lovingly gifted fans her heartfelt piano version of popular hit "Feel Special." Dahyun's official position in the group may be the lead rapper, but her sweet singing voice and piano skills def make her a valuable all-rounder. 

8. When Chaeyoung and Tzuyu did this back in 2016

POV: the year is 2016, and the internet is ablaze with the bizarre viral video PPAP. It's midnight, and the two youngest TWICE members drop this 55-second clip out of nowhere of them doing the weird challenge. Flash-forward five years and this video has over three million views. It's probably safe to say that many would love to be TWICE's friend if it means getting to do the most random and spontaneous things together!

9. Mina's graceful rhythmic gymnastics routine

Typing "talent" might as well autocorrect to "Myoui Mina." It's impossible to look away while watching Mina translate her poise and atheleticism from 11 years of ballet training to the gymnastics floor.

10. Their variety show shenanigans

This isn't one moment, but watching TWICE on entertainment programs such as game-based Time to Twice on their own YouTube channel is bound to bring endless LOLs and the perfect way to relax after a long day. 

11. When Nayeon and Jihyo opened up about their struggles while training for debut

Beneath the elaborate stages, energetic choreography and elegant outfits are nine girls who shared a dream and a journey full of hardship. The road to becoming TWICE was far from easy, and witnessing their vulnerable side reminds of how resilient they have remained after sticking to their passion of performing for so long. Nayeon and Jihyo's words about overcoming doubts are bound to encourage and give strength to fans everywhere.

12. Their debut stage

It has almost been six years since TWICE debuted with "Like Ooh-Ahh," and their debut release about wanting to fall in love while maintaining their self-worth aged *so* well. The nine members were already off to a fresh start with this fun Halloween-themed stage, but TWICE stans can't help but feel so moved when thinking about how much they have grown as a group since then. Fans have shared so many beautiful memories with TWICE over the past six years, and we look forward to cheering on the beloved girl group over the next six years!

Be sure to check out TWICE's new music video for "Alcohol-Free," and let us know your favorite TWICE moments by tagging us on social media @girlslifemag!

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by Elizabeth Huang | 6/24/2021