Taylor Swift's inspirational message for Simone Biles

On Wednesday, July 28, Simone Biles withdrew herself from the Tokoyo Olmypics Final Individual All-Around. After her upset at the vault on Wednesday's competition, Simone decided to prioritize her mental health and entrust the finals to her teammates. Her statement reads: "I say put mental health's OK to sometimes even sit out on competitions to focus on yourself, because it shows how strong of a competitor and person that you really are." 

Biles ranks as one of the greatest Olympians in the world. All eyes are on her. Simone's withdrawal from the finals exhibits a unique sense of strength athletes rarely show us—a strong form of vulnerability and humanity. She was humble enough to sacrifice a medal for the good of her team and honest enough to open up to the press about the pressure she endures in the spotlight. An athlete of her caliber seems almost superhuman in her abilities, but Simone truly showed the world a different side of her humanity on Wednesday.

She is human, she needs a break now and then. Backing down from the bar for herself and her wellbeing, with all eyes from around the world on her, was no easy feat. But, Simone embodies the self-awareness and intelligence to know when it's time to take some well-needed TLC. Not only can aspiring gymnasts admire Biles' flips and tumbles, but we can all take a lesson out of her book to put our mental health first.  

Taylor Swift speaks up

We are all aware that T-Swift knows a thing or two about holding a big reputation. On August 3, @NBCOlympics released a commercial narrated by Taylor Swift discussing Simone's withdrawal from the All-Around and welcoming her back into the Games. 

In her commercial, Taylor acknowledges the stress Simone suffered during this year's Olympic Games and validates her decision to focus on her mental health over the medal. Swift's song, "this is me trying," plays in the background of the commercial. This song further expands on the idea that Simone is human—she is trying to keep her mental health in check in order to continue throughout the Olympic competitions.

Taylor narrates, "Her voice has been as significant as her talent," calling attention to how revolutionary and inspirational Bile's decision is to all those watching her journey. As impactful as her victories have been on young female athletes, her message of mental health awareness affects all of us who need to prioritize our mental wellbeing in our stressful periods of life. 


Taylor's message was so incredibly inspirational and encouraging to Simone Biles as she returned to the bar on August 3rd. We *love* to see empowered women supporting empowered women. And who wouldn't want a shoutout from Taylor Swift herself? Simone thanks Taylor Swift for her support on Twitter shortly after the commercial's airing:

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by Cara Lamina | 8/6/2021