Sophia Hammons explains the bigger message behind Disney's newest excuse for a high-key sing-a-long night


If you're still looking for your Friday night plans, may we humbly suggest a glorious Disney sing-a-long and zero chill evening in? We'll be tuning into Disney Channel tonight to watch the brand new special, Disney Princess Remixed – An Ultimate Princess Celebration, which features some of the biggest Disney stars singing amazing new verisons of our fave classics. 


One of the celebs taking part in the magic is Sophia Hammons, who is starring in this year's Halloween DCOM, Under Wraps and had the honor of singing "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid for the remix celebration. And, if you need more reasons than nostalgia and an excuse to belt out Disney songs (which, obvi, you don't), Sophia says the special actually has a ~bigger message~. 



"It's really all about finding courage and kindness within yourself and spreading it to others," she told us.


Keep reading below for a few more sips of inside tea about Disney Princess Remixed – An Ultimate Princess Celebration straight from Sophia herself:  


GL: What was it like to perform a remix of a Disney classic like "Part of Your World"?


SH: Performing "Part of Your World" from Disney's The Little Mermaid was a dream come true. I love that movie, and the song is so beautiful. It's full of longing for something more. Ariel dreams of a different world and is determined to get there, even if she has to sacrifice everything. It's something that anyone can relate to, and it's amazing how timeless the song is. The contemporary version that I perform in the show is upbeat reggae-pop—it's super easy to dance to—but the message of dreaming big and being determined is still the same. I personally find it so inspiring, and I hope that other kids will find it inspiring as well. And I really hope they'll sing and dance along with it!



GL: You said the real message behind the special is courage and kindness. Why is it important to celebrate these things (especially rn when the world is so crazy)? 


SH: It is so important to celebrate and encourage kindness in others because one’s true act of kindness can inspire another person to you know, act kind.


Tune in to watch Disney Princess Remixed – An Ultimate Princess Celebration at 7:30 ET/PT tonight on Disney Channel. 

by Kayleigh R. | 8/27/2021