A non-definitive ranking of every song on star-crossed

Everyone copes with heartbreak differently. Some might dig into the cookie dough ice cream and watch a sappy movie. Others prefer a good vent sesh with their BFF. Well, if you're Kacey Musgraves, you record a stunning, sparkling album—and that's how star-crossed came to be. Every track is so good that ranking them provided difficult...but we did it! Read on to find out how the songs stacked up.

15. gracias a la vida

This song takes the last slot, as it's not a Musgraves original—she ends the album with a cover. "gracias a la vida" is a beautiful reimagining of the famous Chilean ballad, wherein Musgraves brings back *all* the vintage vibes in this touching tune of gratitude.

Fave lyric: Gracias a la vida (Thank you to life) / Que me ha dado tanto (That has given me so much) /  Me ha dado la risa y me ha dado el llanto (It has given me laughter and it has given me tears)

14. easier said

Reminiscent of an 80s pop song, "easier said" tells the story of a songwriter who realizes that while the words might come easily in any other situation, true love isn't as simple as it seems. 

Fave lyric: I built a rocket ship and I went to space / Even way out there, I kept my head on straight 

13. there is a light

Once upon a time, Musgraves felt like she needed to hide her inner light. Now, she's going to let it shine through—so she wrote this catchy song all about finding that joy.

Fave lyric: I won't cry / When the cold wind blows / Gonna let it shine / Cause now I know

12. if this was a movie...

Picture this: you're staring out of the car window on the way to school, headphones in, pretending that you're the main character. This track is an emotional encapsulation of that feeling, showing that sometimes things *don't* work out like they would in the movies. 

Fave lyric: Am I the stone in your pocket / That's weighing you down? / Or the face in your locket / That you wear all over town? 

11. simple times 

"simple times" pays homage to Musgraves's teenage years, as she wishes she could go back to the days of hanging out at the mall with her besties and talking on the phone all night. The lyrics might be, well, simple, but they definitely make for a fun and fabulous song.

Fave lyric: Wish that I could put this game on pause / Skip this round, take the headset off

10. hookup scene 

This heartbreaking tune describes the struggles of feeling lonely and wishing for connection with others, yet never quite finding it. From its starting notes, this song is a reminder to hold onto the people you love.

Fave lyric: It's a chapter that ain't coming back / I could've learned to love it more

9. angel

As the iconic Hannah Montana once said, "Nobody's perfect," and "angel" conveys that exact message. In it, Musgraves wonders, if she were an ideal version of herself, would it make everything perfect too? Or does something have to change? This ethereal, guitar-tinged track gives us *all* the feels.

Fave lyric: Everything would be better / I'd never have to change

8. what doesn't kill me 

We all know by now that Kacey Musgraves is back and better than ever, and this song is her message of strength! We love that for her, and we love this powerful track. It even includes a reference to her previous album, golden hour, showing that Musgraves has entered a completely new era.

Fave lyric: Golden hour faded black / Say that it ain't coming back 

7. camera roll

Feeling a little nostalgic? Scrolling through your camera roll *might* not be the best idea. Still, we've all done it—and clearly Musgraves can relate, as she recalls in this meaningful song. The lyrics paint a poignant picture of that specific yet universal experience. Plus, what other song rhymes "chronological order" with "torture?" Truly genius.

Fave lyrics: Look at me, I'm living all alone / And now you're only living in my phone

6. breadwinner

You may have heard this catchy tune on TikTok! Either way, it'll def be stuck in your head now. Not only is "breadwinner" a certified bop, but it also emphasizes the importance of independence and knowing what—and who—is right for you. 

Fave lyric: I can sleep at night / Knowing I really tried / I put in the time / But the fault isn't mine

5. star-crossed

With its classical references to ancient Greek mythology and even Romeo & Juliet, the record's titular track spins a moody yet magical tale of lost love. "star-crossed" has a cinematic quality that makes it the *perfect* beginning to the album.

Fave lyric: What have we done?  / Did we fly too high just to get burned by the sun? 

4. keep lookin' up

This song is probably the closest star-crossed gets to the country-music tone of its precursors. It's a warm, comforting track with a heartfelt message—a reminder to keep looking up, stay grounded and ignore the negativity, because good things always await. 

Fave lyric: But I tried to be good / And keep my head down / But there was too much sky around

3. good wife

This dreamy, wistful song just might be one of the saddest on star-crossed—still, it's one that you can't help but keep listening to! On the surface, the lyrics might sound stereotypical, but Musgraves uses them to reinvent old tropes, hint at her future heartbreak and work through feeling alone. 

Fave lyric: I could probably make it on my own / But without him, this house just wouldn't be a home

2. cherry blossom

"cherry blossom" is a song to play on repeat, especially on a chill drive with the windows down! While this *literally* rose-colored track sounds super light and cheerful, it also boasts a hidden message about how things can pass us by so quickly, and we can't let them slip through our fingers. After all, cherry blossoms are beautiful, but they don't take long to fall.

Fave lyric: I hope you haven't forgotten / Tokyo wasn't built in a day

1. justified 

And finally, "justified" takes the top spot! Musgraves takes listeners on a journey of complicated emotions as she navigates moving on after the end of a relationship. Feelings are messy sometimes, and that's okay. This song captures the slow calmness of summer fading into fall, while also packing a powerful punch. You just can't help but belt out the lyrics to this one!

Fave lyric: Healing doesn't happen in a straight line

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by Samara Smukler | 10/13/2021