A non-definitive ranking of Harry Styles's tour outfits

Harry Styles's "Love On Tour" has been traveling around the U.S. since September, bringing the gift of live music. But, he isn't just a musician—he's a truly iconic performer. His clothes amplify his stage presence. Harry has been performing for sold-out audiences on "Love On Tour" and "Harryween." Whether you were lucky enough to score a ticket to the Halloween shows or the regular tour, you know how unbelievably fabulous his outfits are. Here is a non-definitive ranking of his iconic tour outfits thus far...

10. Denver, CO—Night 2


9. Washington D.C.—Night 7


8. Pittsburgh, PA—Night 20


7. Chicago, IL—Night 10


6. Las Vegas, NV—Night 1


5. New York, NY—Night 28


4. Nashville, TN—Night 13


3. New York, NY—Night 14


2. Nashville, TN—Night 12


1. New York, NY—Night 29


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Slider: @anthonypham


by Kelly Schwint | 11/15/2021