7 things every Swiftie can relate to after Red (Taylor's Version)


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Ever since Red (Taylor's Version) dropped, *everything has changed.* From chanting the chorus of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" with your besties to belting out emotional renditions of "State of Grace" in the shower, Taylor Swift is the music industry, and we Swifties are *so* here for it.

But in case you're more confused than happy, free, and lonely, here's a quick recap: after signing to Big Machine Records when she was fifteen, Taylor Swift essentially gave the company full legal control of her masters, or original recordings. In June of 2019, music exec Scooter Braun bought the label for $300 million—and, by extension, Taylor's masters.

That's why Taylor's reclaiming her discography under the firm belief that "artists deserve to own their work." Red includes a rerecorded version of all of Taylor's classics—"I Knew You Were Trouble" and "22," to name a few—with eight brand-new "From the Vault" tracks featuring musicians like Phoebe Bridgers and Ed Sheeran.

Red is timeless, nostalgic, and flat-out iconic. If you've been in emotional shambles since Red's release, you might relate to a few of these...

1. Losing it during the first guitar strum of "Red"

There's nothing like the first chord of the title track that makes us drop everything and burst into song. Loving him was like driving in a new Maserati down a dead-end street...

2. Obsessively looking for Easter eggs in the "All Too Well" short film (and measuring time in 10-minute All Too Well's)

A 1989 Mercedes Benz? A Spider-Man kiss? The birthday scene that also doubled as a "The Moment I Knew" reference? What does it all mean, Taylor?!

3. Taking 2-4 business days to emotionally recover from the Vault songs

How did we manage to survive nine years without the Vault songs on repeat? We don't know, but we *do* know that "Message in a Bottle" is stuck in our heads 25/8.

4. Making up fake scenarios during the bridges

Taylor's bridges are so perfectly crafted that she should have an engineering degree from Harvard, tbh.

5. Going broke on Taylor's merch

Our wallets may be empty, but at least we have All Too Well tissues to wipe our tears with (duh).

6. Stalking Jake Gyllenhaal on social media (and cackling at the scarf emojis)

How dare he break Taylor like a promise?

7. Having the time of our lives

GTG! It's time to apply a bold red lipstick, draw a blue "13" on your hand, and stream Red forever.

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by Zoe Yu | 11/19/2021