A Sour tour is happening, and we *cannot* contain the excitement

Leave it to Olivia Rodrigo to pull us out from our finals-week slump with some ah-mazing news— a Sour tour is happening! Maybe it's not so brutal out here after all. 

The soundtrack to summer 2021 (and beyond) is coming back for round two next spring. Not only will Olivia perform all over the U.S., but she'll also be taking the stage in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, and more. We stan an international queen. 

She won't be doing it alone, though. Heading on tour with her are Gracie Abrams, Holly Humberstone, and Baby Queen. What a squad!

So, if you need us, we'll be blasting all 11 songs on repeat. Tickets go on sale on December 10!

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All GIFs via Giphy
Slider via @oliviarodrigo


by Riley Yates | 12/6/2021