EXCLUSIVE! Mckenna Grace spills *all* about her new single "You Ruined Nirvana"

Mckenna Grace is bringing back Y2K pop-punk vibes—and we're *so* here for it. The v. talented actor and artist dished all the deets on her new single (and immediate classic breakup anthem) "You Ruined Nirvana" and, of course, what's up next (hint: possible love songs?!)...

Girls' Life: First of all, what inspired your song?

Mckenna: My co-writers and my producer and I were just sitting in my piano room in my house and just thinking how we wanted to write something fun and a little punky that reminded us of early 2000s vibes. It's just that feeling when you can't listen to a song or an artist or something without thinking of someone or a [past] situation.

Girls' Life: What's a lyric from the song that sticks with you?

Mckenna: "Can't walk into my closet without seeing your face / 'Cause all my favorite T-shirts are all your favorite band names." I was so happy when we wrote that lyric—I have a massive collection of band T-shirts so I just thought it was so fun. 

Girls' Life: And what's your sound lately?

Mckenna: Right now, it's so different from Nirvana. I'm really into love songs lately—I don't know why! I just am. I think they're so sweet and so lovely. I have "Pancakes for Dinner" by Lizzy McAlpine on repeat, like, 30 bajillion times a day. But after "Nirvana" I started leaning into that fun, punky direction which has been so cool to mess around with, and I can't wait to show more of it.

Girls' Life: For 2022, what's your song of the summer?

Mckenna: I don't know! Right now it's "Pancakes for Dinner." Last year, it was definitely "Happier Than Ever" [by Billie Eilish].

Girls' Life: What do you hope people heart about your music?

Mckenna: I hope people will be able to relate to it. Like with me and "Happier Than Ever", I could just sit and listen to it, or blare it in the car, or yell it or dance to it and just play it 24/7. That's why it was my song of the summer. I hope that people—somebody, at least—can find that kind of vibe with my music, where they want to listen to it and yell it and feel dramatic.

Girls' Life: What are you up to when you're not making music or acting?

Mckenna: I love doing karaoke with friends. I've been a big karaoke person lately. And I love rollerskating. I have a giant, swollen bruise on my knee right now because I fell in the deep end of the bowl at my local skate park yesterday. But I love skating...though I should probably wear knee pads more. 

Girls' Life: Describe your personal style these days...

Mckenna: I'm all over the place with fashion. I can never decide if I want to be more on the fun, grunge, skater, punky side or if I want to be a cottagecore fairy princess vibe. 

Girls' Life: You can be both!

Mckenna: Exactly.

Girls' Life: Finally, what advice do you have for teen girls hoping to find their voice?

Mckenna: With finding yourself and finding your voice, you really don't have to do it immediately. It's so hard to figure out who you are. I don't even know who I am! Just trust yourself. Music has really helped me through rough times and helped me figure out my emotions, so find a good outlet. Maybe it's writing in a diary, listening to music, creating music or drawing. Just find something that makes you happy. And just remember, in case nobody has told you today: You are important and you are loved.  

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Image: Gus Black.


by Katherine Hammer | 5/2/2022