EXCLUSIVE! Sofie Dossi spills on the story behind her very first single "Bunny"

From her amaze contortionist talents to her v. fun social media presence, we've been enchanted by Sofie Dossi for years. Now, this star on the rise is taking her fabulousness to our "On Repeat" Spotify playlists.

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Her very first single "Bunny" drops Aug. 19 (stream it here!)—and if you've ever gone through heartbreak (or just want to get in your feels), it's def worth a listen. Don't worry, we got the story behind this genre-bending bop straight from Sofie herself...

On how "Bunny" came to be:

"I've been working on music for a while—I'm kind of a perfectionist. My brother [music producer Zak Dossi] and I have been doing music together for so long. One day, I came home upset at a situation that happened and my brother made a cool beat. I was like, 'Wait, I'm going to hop on this right now and make some lyrics up!' My brother told me that I had a great voice and maybe we could make something cool together." 

On working on music with her brother:

"We've always been best friends which makes it really easy to tell stories about my experience in life. We have a great trust with each other—which makes it way easier to open up." 

On the story behind the "Bunny" lyrics:

"It's about my first real crush. He really hurt me. It's all about the emotions I went through and everything I was feeling. I *wanted* to hate him...but deep down I knew I didn't. The song was about processing all of those emotions." 

On the lyric that stands out most:

"I was hoodwinked when I blinked/felt like I woke up to a real bad dream. That lyric speaks to me—it's exactly how I felt. I went from being so happy to everything being gone." 

On what she hopes people heart about the single:

"If you're going through any heartbreak, play this song. It'll get better!" 

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Stream "Bunny" by Sofie Dossi HERE!

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by Katherine Hammer | 8/19/2022