EXCLUSIVE! Indi Star talks NYFW, new music and mental health

One thing we *so* heart about Indi Star? Her authenticity. Whether she's hanging at Fashion Week or releasing amazing songs (her new track "Better" just dropped this week and she has an EP on the way), the social media star and performer is committed to being honest with herself and her followers—and we're living for it. Stay tuned for Indi's deepest thoughts on fall fashion, mental health, social media and more...

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On New York Fashion Week:

"I was so excited about the Alice + Olivia event and the LoveShackFancy event. Those are my two favorites. I'm going to be on a tight schedule all week so hopefully I'll get some sleep! I just love the New York style so much, even though I'm from LA, so I feel like I can go all out with my outfits right now." 

On her aesthetic rn:

"Kind of weird, I guess, because my name is Indi—but my aesthetic is kind of the indie aesthetic. I love fall fashion in general. My favorite trend right now is Docs with scrunched-up leg warmers." 

On her new song "Better":

"I wrote it about mental health. It's [a topic] that means a lot to me and I think it needs to be posted about more online. I always DM with my followers and they open up to me, which I think is great. I feel like I always need to interact with them because it makes me so happy to hear their stories and what they have to say and I love that they reach out to me. I really wanted to make this song for them—to make it about mental health and say 'We're all in this together.'"

On mental health:

"A lot of teens joke about it and I wish it would be taken more seriously. Especially on TikTok, it's Gen-Z type of humor, but if someone's talking about their mental health people can invalidate it and say 'everyone has that.' But I think that, to actually understand what someone is saying, you need to really listen to them and not change the subject. Always just be there for people." 

On who inspires her music:

"Lewis Capaldi is my favorite singer ever. I just love listening to his music. It makes me feel so much better. There's a lot of meaning behind his songs that I didn't even realize at first, which is cool." 

On what she hopes people heart about her music:

"I hope people resonate with it and feel some sort of connection. I'm hoping to brighten someone's day so they can think, 'Yeah, i'm going through this, but I'm not alone.'" 

On setting boundaries with social media:

"I do take time to relax by myself. I pick certain times in the day to get off my phone and I think that's a big part of it. Social media can take over people's lives and it feel like it hasn't really taken over my life, so that's a great thing. I love posting and I love interacting online, so it hasn't been a problem for me." 

On her best advice for teen girls:

"Don't get too obsessed with social media. I'm not obsessed with social media, but I am obsessed with Pinterest, and that can be just as bad. It can be draining and bad for your mental health so definitely take the time to get away from your phone." 

Stream "Better" by Indi Star HERE!

Images: Max Abadian. 

by Katherine Hammer | 9/15/2022