EXCLUSIVE! Taegen Burns takes us behind the scenes of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Season 2

In The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, Taegen Burns plays Maya—and, in Season 2 (streaming on Disney+ starting Sept. 28), her character is getting a *major* confidence glow-up.

"[Maya] wasn't as confident in the first season," Taegen explains of her character's journey. "I think as we see her in Season 2, she has a lot more confidence in her friendships and herself. She knows who she is now." Taegen's grown up a lot since Season 1, too—so we got the inside scoop on the hobbies she hearts, behind-the-scenes moments from the show and her dream role...

On The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Season 2: 

Taegen: "This season we get to see Maya have a lot of fun and make some memories at summer camp with her friends. Maya cares a lot about her friends—she can be assertive sometimes when talking to people, but she is sweet. Fans are going to get to see even more character development from our old Ducks plus some new characters, new friendships, new relationships. In the first season, we were just introducing everyone, so now we get to continue their stories." 

On a behind-the-scenes moment that stands out: 

Taegen: "I had a lot of fun filming this season. My confidence has grown—I was really quiet when we started the first season, but now I'm more talkative and comfortable with everyone on set. There was a lot of bonding for the kids. We'd go to escape rooms and hang out at the Santa Monica Pier and explore California together." 

On what she hopes viewers learn from the show: 

Taegen: "The importance of sticking together and working together as a team instead of doing it all by yourself." 

Best season: "Fall."
Current hobby: "Reading! And I'm learning how to play the keyboard."
Book recommendation: "Anything by John Green. I love his portrayal of teenagers."
Artist on repeat: "Taylor Swift. Always."
Fave fashion trend: "Cargo pants and low-rise pants."
Go-to words of wisdom: "Everything happens for a reason."

On her dream role: 

Taegen: "To star in a coming-of-age movie. I love watching movies like Lady Bird and Dead Poets Society, so I'd love to be in one." 

On her best advice for pursuing your passion: 

Taegen: "You truly just have to believe in yourself and your abilities and just keep going. I've had a lot of times in my acting journey where I've gone a long time without auditions or without booking anything and I had little thoughts pop into my mind, like, 'Should I give up? Is this the thing for me? I'm struggling right now.' But I've always just kept going because I love it. Believe in yourself and something will come for you soon." 

Watch The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Season 2 on Disney+ now!

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Image: Nicole Mitchem Photography.

by Katherine Hammer | 9/28/2022