GL CUTIE: Interview With All Time Low


GL's blog babe 'Drea got the oh-so-cute frontman from All Time Low on the phone. She accidentally woke this boy up (sorry, Alex!) to get inside info on life on the road. He dishes about heading Down Under, his new fave jam and why he's going to stock up on Velcro. Did we mention that he's super-polite, too?

Andrea: Hi Alex! We're so excited to be able to chat with you.…how did the Girls’ Life fashion shoot go?

Alex: It was good; it was a lot of fun.

Andrea: Yay! What was the best part of the shoot?

Alex: Oh, man, I don’t know. It was the first time we had to look like we were playing while we were doing a photo shoot. I think the best part was just the fact that nothing was plugged in and we were, like, jumping around like idiots acting like we were playing. But, like, nothing was really happening.

Andrea: (laughs) That’s kinda silly.

Alex: Yeah, it was definitely a little funny. But it was fun.

Andrea: That’s cool. So can you tell me how the band formed and you guys got together and all that good stuff?

Alex: We all met our freshman year of high school. We basically started out by playing like covers of songs and stuff. We were terrible! And then it slowly progressed into something a little bit more. We started writing our own songs and playing locally. And then we took it to the next level by going out on tour during our spring and summer vacation. We were still in school, and I think that kinda put us on the radar with the label. We were such a young band, but we were taking it so seriously. By the time our studio album came out, we got picked up by a whole bunch of different records. Then we graduated and have been doing this ever since.

Andrea: You guys have been on tour a lot since 2005. What are the biggest pros and cons to being on the road?

Alex: We love traveling; we love playing the music for people. We love meeting all of the new faces, all of that. I think it takes a certain person who really loves the lifestyle, but all of us do. So for us it’s amazing. I guess the downside would be you do miss some of your time a little bit.

Andrea: Yeah, so you’ve toured with other good, punk bands like the Plain White T’s and the Starting Line and stuff. Do you have a favorite band that you’re toured with?

Alex: I think right now it's Boys Like Girls. We’re on tour with Boys Like Girls and it’s incredible. They’re really good friends of ours and it’s a lot of fun.


Photo Credit: Tim Kirch

Andrea: So what’s the band's favorite song to play live and why?

Alex: Um, my favorite song right now to play live is probably “Dear Maria.” I love it because it’s a new song and we didn’t expect it to catch on as fast as it did with crowd. Now when we play it, it’s neat for people to just kinda sing along right from the very beginning. We open with it so it gets the show really pumped.

Andrea: That’s cool. So what is the one message you’d say you’re trying to get across with your music?

Alex: Probably to just not to take anything too seriously. We’re all about having fun and not really dwelling on serious topics. We’re more about good times and parties and friends.

Andrea: What is one of the most exciting things to happen to the band since your music’s taken off?

Alex: Definitely our new record. That was one of the huge things for us. We managed to get over to the U.K., which was huge; we’re going to Australia in February, which is going to be amazing. All of those things are kinda benchmarks for us. We’re stoked.

Andrea: So do you have any onstage embarrassing moments about yourself or your band mates that you can share with us?

Alex: Back in the day we played a show and I remember it pretty well. We were all messing around, and I figured I’d do some kind of jump or a kick or something. And a seam in my pants just totally ripped out!

Andrea: (Laughs) That’s so funny. All of the punk boys wear those tight pants.

Alex: Yeah, it’s not always a good thing. I’m learning to buy the ones with the stretch now.

Andrea: Aside from stretch pants, what are your future plans or goals? Is there anything cool coming up that you guys are excited about?

Alex: After this tour, we’re taking December off. But next year, we have a lot of tour dates going on. Like I said, we’re going down to Australia with Traffic and it’s gonna be huge. We’re really excited about it.

Andrea: Sounds great! All right, well thank you for taking time to talk. Goodluck with the band!

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11/2/2007 1:52:00 PM