SPOTLIGHT: Kirsten Prout


We got the chance to chat with Kirsten Prout from the hit series Kyle XY. Check out what she has to say about her character Amanda, books, boys and more!

GL: Hi Kirsten! Thanks for taking the time to chat! Are you filming today?

Kirsten Prout: No I’m not actually, I’m going for a cast read later on, that’s how we start each episode, we all sit around the table and read our different parts, just get a feeling for what the episode’s going to be like. Tomorrow I’m going to start filming our next episode, that’ll be fun it’s a really interesting one.

GL: How much are you like Amanda?

KP: Amanda and I are very similar in the ways that I can be an optimist at times and I’m very trusting of people, and she has a very unconditional trust for a lot of people and when it’s broken it takes a lot to break it. But I think we’re different in the way that I think if I met Amanda on the street I’d probably think she’s a bit of a goody-too-shoes.

GL: Why do you think she’s with the bad boys instead of the good boys?

KP: I think a lot of girls, when they look at the bad guy, they have some sort of conflict that they think they can sort of set him straight and he’ll actually be really nice to them, and sort of save them.

GL: Do you have a bf?

KP: I do, yea.

GL: Is he an actor, too?

KP: No, he’s not, he’s not in the industry.

GL: Where are you living now?

KP: In Vancouver. Where we film the show. I was born and raised in Vancouver. I go to high school and everything and it’s very hard to relocate to Los Angeles or New York or other places, and I was really happy to find just a regular series that was so well-written and I enjoyed so much and has such a fantastic team behind it, that actually films 15 minutes away from my house.

kirstenprout2.jpg GL: How often are you in regular high school? How many months out of the year?

KP: If I’m not working I’m at school the whole time and even if I’m on a movie, that’ll only be a few weeks so I’ll be back at school. You know, I go to school for a fair amount of my time, and it’s actually nice to be a normal teenager sometimes.

GL: You seem excited to be back at Kyle XY, do you and the cast get along well?

KP: I honestly wouldn’t be as excited to go back if there weren’t the same cast. I love working on a TV show, but it’s an extra motivation when you come to work and you know everybody and get along with everybody. You hear of these feuds that go on on different sets, and we’ve never had an argument between people, all of the actors get along so well. I’m pleased to be working with such talented individuals—it’s amazing to come to work and be able to say hi to the director. Everyone is so nice and kind.

GL: Did you buy your car?

KP: I’ve been saving up for awhile, and as I said, I’ve been acting for awhile, so my car-- it was actually secondhand but it was in beautiful condition, I sort of thought to myself, it’s such a nice car and I’m getting it for such a good value. I’m going to use it for a while, so why not? So I got myself a little Audi TT. I used to have an old vintage Volkswagon Super beetle, but I had to get rid of it because it was really hard to drive and a little undependable. When you go to a movie set you can’t be sick—there are no such things as sick days—if your car breaks down, that is absolutely no excuse at all… My little bug, I put a lot of mechanical work into it, and also it’s a manual, it’s a pretty hard car to lean on. The car I have now is pretty easy to drive.

GL: Have you ever had an endless crush on someone while they were taken?

KP: No I haven’t, I’ve looked at guys, when I was younger, that were cute and sort of unapproachable, but like it’s never happened to me that endless sort of love thing when they’re dating. Luckily enough I’ve never had to deal with that.

GL: Anything others would be surprised to learn about you?

KP: Well, I did go through a phase when I was younger. I sort of hung out with a punkier scene, and I used to dress a little crazy. Not many people see that because they meet me and I’m average height, blonde hair, blue eyes. I don’t dress really generically, I still try to find unique clothing and everything but it’s not even close to the fuschia tops I’d wear with the crazy eye makeup, and hair curled in crazy pigtails and different hairstyles. I was definitely going through a mental phase with my whole look. I think it’s something you have to do when you’re growing up, you sort of have to try out a whole bunch of different looks and find what looks best on you, and look back to see what definitely doesn’t. It’s like, what was I thinking?

GL: Do you have any hidden talents?

KP: Hmm… I take a philosophy course, actually, and philosophy is something I thoroughly enjoy. But I’m hoping to get philosophy award this year because I got a 97% in the course. It’s weird because it’s a university professor. I feel really lucky… but philosophy is a subject that not a lot of people would see me really excelling in, but I definitely do enjoy it.

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9/6/2007 5:12:00 PM