SPOTLIGHT: Interview With Audrina Patridge!


We got the chance to chat with the lovely Audrina Patridge from THE HILLS! She dishes about boys, the nightlife and the Heidi/Lauren catfight! Check it out below. Don't forget to catch the third episode of Season 3 The Hills tonight at 10pm EST!

GL: Hi Audrina! How has your life changed since the show's success?

Audrina Patridge: My life has not changed dramatically. I’m pretty well balanced. I have my TV/Hollywood life and then I have my personal/family life. Although, since the show I do get noticed a lot more and give autographs. I have to be careful of everything I say, what I do, and where I go. People are constantly judging me on what I wear, say, do, date, act, look, and my imperfections. It’s very hard being in the limelight but you have to stay strong and well balanced! Besides all of that I have definitely met some amazing people and have received some amazing opportunities! I am very grateful for everything!

GL: Spencer was completely shady with you last season, bringing you flowers and taking you to dinner where he'd take Heidi a day later. How did that affect your friendship with both Heidi and Spencer?

AP: Well that was not a date in my book at all! *LOL It did affect my relationship with Heidi because she actually liked him and I didn’t. He was trying to make her jealous hanging out with me; I realized that and didn’t put up with it. I told Heidi the truth about everything and let her be the one to make the decision.

GL: What is it like being Lauren's new roommate and go-to girl? Any friendship squabbles there?

AP: Having a roommate is a lot better than living alone, that’s for sure! It’s nice to get ready with someone and veg out on the couch, watch movies, and order food. I’m there and have been there for her no matter what. I’ll tell her my opinion when asked but it doesn’t mean she has to listen to it. As for the friendship squabbles if you don’t have them you will never really know each other. We have had them about guys and messiness of course.

GL: Do Audrina and Lauren finally find some worthwhile cuties this season?

AP: I think her relationship with Jason put a big impact on Lauren as far as how she looks at guys and trusts them. Ever since Jason she has taken men for face value, being easily turned off. So I think she definitely needs more time to let go of grudges against the male race before she gets back into dating seriously. As for me, when I find someone who makes me happy I’m content and as of right now I think I found him. :)

GL: We love tagging along with you and LC on nights out in LA. But given how out of control of stars have become on the party scene, do you ever worry about getting mixed in with that?

I was brought up with a strong family that instilled a lot of good morals in me. It definitely has had an impact on how I look at the party scene and distances me from the negative aspects of it. I believe you can have fun in Hollywood but you also have to stay grounded and keep your life well balanced! Don’t get sucked in!

GL: What really happened that night at Les Deux?

AP: Lauren yelled at Heidi and Heidi just kept saying she didn’t know what was going on

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8/27/2007 3:59:00 PM