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Do you have too many friends?

According to an article on, today, November 17, is “National Unfriend Day”on Facebook. Comedian and late night host, Jimmy Kimmel, announced this new day of observance on his TV show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and he says that Facebook is affecting real friendships.
The actor questions how people on Facebook can have thousands of friends? Do they talk to all of the people they are so-called "friends" with? Do they even know the people they are counting as "friends"? This, of course, is not the first time Facebook is in the news or has brought upon different issues for the media to discuss. Facebook is a wonderful social network that we have come to love, but remember to use it in a safe manner. And don’t forget who your real friends are!
We want to know your thoughts on this: Do you plan on de-friending anyone on the book? Or do you think this is kind of ridiculous? 


by Lindsay Scarff | 2/1/2016