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National Blood Donor Month is upon us!

The American Red Cross Association has deemed January National Blood Donor Month. Every minute of every day, there is someone out there who needs blood.
Unfortunately, currently three out of every 100 people donate, and of those donors, only half are regulars every year. With those statistics, it’s pertinent to raise awareness and encourage some brave souls out there to get up, get over the fear of the needle (ouch!) and donate some of that sweet life saving red stuff.
According to the American Red Cross, it’s a fact that if a person donates blood every 56 days from the age of 17 to the age of 76, that person would have donated 48 gallons of blood and can potentially save more than 1,000 lives.
In addition, only seven percent of people in the U.S. have type 0-negative. Those with O-negative are universal donors and can give blood to anyone, and that’s highly important seeing as O-negative is used in emergencies before a blood type for the patient is found.
In an attempt to engage potential donors during National Blood Donor Month, The American Red Cross joined forces with the new season of ABC’s The Bachelor to spread awareness. This season of The Bachelor will feature an episode with the cast filming a public service announcement on the issue.
In addition, this season’s Bachelor along with past Bachelorettes and Bachelors will be visiting select blood drives in certain cities across the country to encourage people to come out and will be thanking donors on site for their generosity.
Giving blood can save lives and blood can only come from a donor like you. Get out there, raise awareness if you’re too young to give blood or take a group of friends to help save someone’s life with the gift of blood.

In most states you must be 17 to give blood. To find out where you can go to join the select group and donate, please visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).


by Afiya Augustine | 2/1/2016