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Will you rock the drop?

Happy Teen Lit Day! The babes at Readergirlz literacy project are supporting teen fiction with Rock the Drop, a program through which young adult books are anonymously left in public spaces to be picked up by some oh-so-lucky readers.


Wanna share your fave teens reads with the world? Here’s how to get involved…


1. Head on over to to download a free bookplate. Print out the bookplate and stick it inside a book (or 10!) that you wanna donate.


2. Drop off your book in a public space—on a bench, on the bus, at a café table, wherever. Before you hurry away, snap a pic of your drop and email it to so they can chart the donations.


3. Keep your eyes peeled for drops happening all around you. See something interesting? Don’t be afraid to pick it up, and pass it on!


Tell us, girlies: Are you gonna rock the drop?


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016