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Hold the hugs! Teen suspended for spreadin' the love

Sure, we all know make-out seshes in the halls aren’t exactly school-worthy behavior. But hugging a bud before class? Apparently that’s off-limits now, too.


A school in Central Florida has suspended a 14-year-old honor-roll student. Why? Because he spied a friend before class and reached out to hug her…right in front of his principal. Though the rule is printed in the school’s student handbook, which also prohibits hand-holding, the guy and his mom are fighting back. The hug, they argue, was 100-percent platonic. Why punish such innocent behavior, especially in a realm where bullying reigns supreme?


Have you ever been suspended for hugging a friend? What do you think of this school rule, sweeties?


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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