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Fast-Food Facts


Ever wonder how many calories are in an order of McDonald's oh-so-delicious fries? How about in an Arby's sandwich or a Burger King Whopper? Well, brace yourselves next time you walk into a fast food restaurant, ladies. A new law in your area may change the way you look at your food.

According to an article in the Washington Post, the New York City Board of Health pushed again for a law requiring all fast-food eatery chains with at least 15 separate outlets to display calorie counts on their menus. The board hopes to change the way New Yorkers eat, by showin’ ‘em the facts.

Many disagreed with the legislation, and believe people are smart enough to differentiate between healthy and non-healthy foods. Although this kind of awareness may not have reached your area yet, you can still find out what’s in the food you eat. Most chain restaurants post their nutrition info online. So log on and read up before you super-size those fries!

By: Sharon Choi

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by GL | 2/1/2016