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You decide: Are these school suspensions fair or not?

Students suspended from school have been making headlines like crazy the last few weeks. We’re taking a look at just a few of them and asking YOU to make the ultimate decision: Are they fair? Should the students have been suspended, or would another punishment be more appropriate? Tell us what you think in the comments and debate it out (politely), babes!

#1 In the line of fire

Two boys were suspended from now until June—that’s the entire school year—for shooting each other with Airsoft guns in one of the boy’s front yards. Airsoft guns are realistic firearm replicas that shoot plastic pellets. Details at

#2 Quite a shock

A second-grader was suspended for four days after he brought a novelty pen on board his school bus. The pen, which emitted a slight electric shock when its cap was pressed, was considered a weapon. The boy is now sueing the school district. Details at

#3 A sticky situation

A trio of students were suspended after they handed out stickers and leaflets that were considered by the district to be a terrorist threat. The stickers featured the phrase “Revolution is coming” and Guy Fawkes masks, as seen in the movie V for Vendetta, and the leaflets discussed unresolved issues between the student body and the school board. Details at

#4 A point of contention

A boy was suspended for 10 days after he realized he had accidentally brought a pocket knife, which he had been using earlier to cut branches, in his pocket to a school football game. As soon as he saw it was there, he turned it in to a security guard and explained what happened. He was removed from the game and on Monday, kicked out of school for 10 days. Details at

#5 Time out!

All 80 players on a Utah football team were suspended (just from the team, not from school) for poor academic performance and cyberbullying. While their coach knew they weren’t cutting it, grade-wise, when he heard that some had been bullying others on the social site, that was the last straw. Students are being allowed to play if they participate in community service, take character education classes and extra study hall sessions. Details at

Tell us, babes: Which suspensions do you think are right on the money, and which are overkill? Share your thoughts in the comments—and please be respectful of each other’s opinions.

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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