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Txt 4 UR Meds reported docs in Ohio are coming up with a creative solution to get teens to remember their meds. Studies have suggested that only half of teens properly follow their treatment schedules, even for serious conditions!

Teens with asthma get the worst rep. They only follow their schedules 30% of the time. This can have serious effects on their health, and problems can go unnoticed for long periods of time.

The latest solution? Text message reminders, sent out by clinic volunteers. Doctors predict a great outcome from this experiment because of the how much today's teens text on their phones. They also hope it will decrease major asthma attacks, sick days home from school and visits to the doctor and hospital.

Interesting fact? The docs aren’t sendin’ the medication reminders in txt slang. Phew, right?

by Jaime Sunday | 2/1/2016