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Feel-Good Friday: Watch out for Leon, the pig on wheels!


Sometimes a seemingly bad event can really be a blessing in disguise. Case and point: Leon Trotsky, the three-week old pig on wheels.

This little piglet and his siblings were crushed when their mother fell on them shortly after they were born. While two of his siblings were killed, Leon met a different fate, his pelvis and hind legs being crushed instead.

While it may seem like a totally sad story, the alternative one was worse. Leon was born on a pig farm and was intended to grow up to be slaughtered and made in to a burger or maybe bacon (mmm, bacon)…

After hearing of the injury, someone decided to adopt him and hand him over to Edgar’s Mission, which is a farm sanctuary in Australia that rehabilitates injured and rescued animals.

Since he couldn’t use his back legs, Leon was hooked up with a sweet pair of wheels made especially for him.

The result? A long life filled with mobile fun for Leon and some adorbz pics! Check 'em out!


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  • Leon9.jpg

    Feeding time! Yummy yummy.

  • Leon8.jpg
    Hello down there, li'l one.
  • Leon7.jpg
    Leon making some equally cute friends (and check out that stylish li'l cheetah print sweater!).
  • Leon2.jpg
    Go, Leon, go!! Chant with us: Leon, Leon, Leon...


by Kate Radin | 2/1/2016
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