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Feel-Good Friday: This presh pooch gets so excited to see her owner, she passes out in the process!

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Here at GL, cats are our spirit animal. But we have a total soft spot for pups, too, and this vid was too cute not to share. When Casey the schnauzer’s owner returned from a stint in Europe, this presh pooch could barely contain her excitement. In fact, the excitement was so overwhelming that she passed out. D'awww....

Don’t worry though, the owners said Casey was taken to the vet and everything checked out ok.

Check out the video below, and share your fave aww-worthy pet story in the comments.

Warning: you might wanna turn down the volume a li’l before watching because the squeals don’t disappoint. Also, your mouth might hurt from smiling so much.



by Kate Radin | 2/1/2016
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