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The way this girl responded to bullies will leave you inspired


After being taunted and ridiculed on her Facebook wall, and even told to die (not okay!), this brave teen decided to turn the situation around in a big way. Instead of bowing down to the bullies, Caitlin crafted a feel-good campaign and brought it to school. So how did she pull it off? With a pack of sticky notes, a Sharpie and a whole bunch of inspiring phrases.

Caitlin stuck a post-it note on every single locker at school with positive phrases written on them, such as "you're beautiful", "you look amazing today", and "you sparkle". When the students filled into the hallways the next morning, they were moved by her tiny gift of positivity. 

Even though she got in trouble for "littering", the Post-It note idea quickly spread throughout her community and to tons of high schools across the USA. In honor of Caitlin's uplifting gesture, her town officially created Positive Post-It Note Day where schools and local business will contribute to the campaign by posting their own post-it notes of encouragement to classmates and co-workers.

So what does this brave chick have to say about all this? 

"It takes two seconds and it shows someone you really care".

Do you have a bully at school? What helps you deal? Share in the comments below!  

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by Erin Rodrigue | 2/1/2016