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This just in: There will be a *woman* on the $10 bill in 2020!


Last year, a young girl wrote a letter to President Obama asking him a very important question: Why aren’t there any women on our currency? We think her question is completely valid. Countless women have contributed to making our country what it is today, from civil rights leaders to first ladies to scientists to inventors. 

Yes, you may be thinking, “Didn’t we just have this conversation a few months ago?”  You’re right. When Obama first told the press about this girl’s letter, a campaign called “Women on 20’s” was started up by a group of activists. These activists hoped to have a female revamp of the $20, which currently depicts Andrew Jackson. Jackson, who served as the 17th president of the United States, isn’t exactly what you would call the perfect historical figure for the bill. He’s well known for supporting and implementing laws throughout his presidency that caused countless Native Americans to lose their land and often their lives. Plus, he hated the concept of paper currency.

The idea of a woman on US currency had faded into a memory until this weekend. On Wednesday, the Treasury Department announced that a female historical figure will be featured on a bill. Instead of the $20, however, a woman will be added to the $10. The $10 is the next bill scheduled for an update since bills get changed up every so often to make counterfeit more difficult. This will happen in 2020, the same year as the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which allowed women to vote. Needless to say, we’re pretty pumped for 2020 now. 

The craziest part? This will be the first time a woman will be on a paper bill since 1890’s when Martha Washington’s image was shortly used on the one dollar bill. Even crazier is the fact that there’s a serious chance of seeing a woman in the White House before we see one on paper bills.

Right now, Alexander Hamilton is the face of the $10 but Americans now get to have a say in what famous femme will replace him (learn how at HERE). As inspired as we are by Hilary Clinton, Angelina Jolie and Caitlyn Jenner, remember that legally the lady boss that will be on the bill has to be a historical figure who is no longer living. Currently, it seems the favorite is the winner of the “Women on 20’s” poll, Harriet Tubman, the well-known African American abolitionist. The countdown to 2020 starts now!

Are you excited to see a woman on the $20 bill?  Whose face would you love to see on it? Share in the comments below.


by Katy Herman | 2/1/2016