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The secret danger of skinny jeans


We’ve heard our mom’s warnings that our jeans are TOO tight. Sure, mom might be worried about them because they’re a little revealing, but did you know too-skinny jeans can actually pose a real health hazard?

The thing is, when you move in skinny jeans, especially if you squat or bend, the jeans will get pulled tighter. And if they squeeze too much, it can result in muscle and nerve damage.

That’s just what happened to one woman in Australia this week—she was helping her bud move and was squatting in her skinnies all day. She felt her jeans getting tighter and tighter and even started to feel numb. She ended up having to be in the hospital for FOUR DAYS with symptoms that showed her tight jeans had actually been killing her muscle tissue. Yep, that happened.

So while we may not be totally ready to say so-long to skinnies, it’s good to remember not to wear ‘em on days when you’re gonna be moving around a lot!

Tip: When you buy skinnies, try squatting and sitting in them to find a pair that gives you a little wiggle room even in those positions.

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by Katy Herman | 2/1/2016