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This 16-year-old is saving up for college in the sweetest way


Saving money for college can be a hugely daunting thought. That's why 16-year-old Emily Shultz, from Wisconsin, decided to make it a little more fun.

Emily loves to cook and bake, and dreams of being a professional chef and attending Lakeshore Area Technical College’s Lakeshore Culinary Institute. To make that dream come true, she’s doing what she loves.  She’s been baking goodies and selling them at her local farmer’s market every week.

She has even has support from the local restaurant where she’s worked in the past, and works as a waitress there on weekends. Now, Emily’s gaining national media attention, and not only is she making $$$, but she’s getting great practice for the bake shop she wants to open one day.

Emily’s ultimate goal $13,286 (which is what she will need for college books and tuition). And with her major ambition and mad baking skills, we have full faith she’ll achieve her goal.

Go get 'em, Emily!  

What do you think about Emily’s college savings plan? Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business?

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by Katy Herman | 2/1/2016