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These guinea pigs have better style than you do

 Last weekend at Comic Con in San Diego, thousands of people debuted amazing looks inspired by their favorite characters. But as it turns out, humans aren't the only ones who enjoy rocking fab fan fashions. Meet Fuzzberta and MGP (Mini Guinea Pig), the most stylish guinea pigs in the world.*
*According to us, at least.  

Fuzzberta and MGP love to dress up, and they aren’t afraid to geek out a little over all their favorite shows, books, and movies. They’ve disguised themselves as everyone from Harry Potter to Katniss to Pikachu, and they're always down to get festive for occasions like Shark Week, Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day. From their adorable mini wigs to their perf little glasses, these critters give us major wardrobe envy.

Check out some of their best looks in the gallery below and see all their fuzzy fashion statements by following @fuzzberta on Instagram.

Which is your fave piggy look? Do you ever dress up your pet?

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by Katy Herman | 2/1/2016