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#RememberingRebecca: The inspiring reason you should do a random act of kindness today



When Rebecca Townsend was in 10th grade, she wrote a bucket list as part of a school assignment. The list? To go to Spain, kiss in the rain, and to save a life. 

Rebecca was able to cross off the first two before she finished high school this past spring, and she planned on leaving her hometown in Connecticut to attend the University of Notre Dame in the fall. But on July 2nd, she died fulfilling the last goal on her list.

As Rebecca and her friend, Ben Arne, were heading home after watching fireworks, they were hit by an oncoming car. Rebecca’s last act was to save a life--she pushed Ben out of the way, and he survived.

Rebecca’s family discovered her now complete bucket list as they were sitting in her room sharing memories. Now, they’re using her story to inspire others to do good. Their social media campaign, Remembering Rebecca (check it out on Facebook and Instagram), encourages people to make a difference in other people’s lives any way they can. The campaign has already inspired random acts of kindness such as the gifting of coffee and yoga classes to strangers, as well as bigger projects like blood drives. We can't think of a better way to honor such an amazing, selfless person.


In honor of Rebecca, we're asking GL girls to #RememberRebecca by doing a random act of kindness today. We all can do something small to make a big change in someone's life—just like Rebecca would've wanted.

How will you #RememberRebecca today?

Credit: Buzzfeed


by Katy Herman | 2/1/2016