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Body positive #ThighReading Trend is taking over social media

Whether you're a model, a movie star or just an awesome average girl, we all have our insecurities. And usually when we hear about body-related social media trends—such as the hip bone challenge, the thigh gap trend or the coin challenge—they just make us feel even worse about our bodies. Still, every once in a while we stumble across something awesome like the newest hashtag making us feel proud, #ThighReading

Called "thigh reading" like palm reading, the trend honors how our scars, stretchmarks and cellulite tell our stories, and started when one Twitter user shared a picture of her thighs and encouraged others to do the same. Since then, women all over are joining in, and the #ThighReading trend has encouraged girls around the world to post photos of their thigh imperfections and share their stories. By showing that none of us are perfect, it's helping everyone realize that none of us have to be. Check out what some women and girls had to say.







This trend comes during a body positive, social media revolution. With people rejecting unrealistic mannequins, embracing their bodies, showing that athletes come in all sizes and demanding the return of the #curvy hashtag on Instagram, we're so excited to see so many people owning the difference that make them unique and loving the flaws that we all share.

What do you think about the #ThighReading trend? Have you ever learned to love a body part you felt insecure about?

Photo credit: Instagram user laurmarie_12


by Samantha Subin | 2/1/2016