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Serena Williams stands up to sexist comments


You know what's frustrating? Knowing that girls are just as awesome as guys—just as talented and cool and impressive—and still having to hear people say that they're not.

Women have often dealt with people trying to put down their accomplishments—especially when it comes to sports. Just a week after WNBA star Elena Delle Donne spoke out against sexism in sports (check out this video that talks about how, despite her record as one of only four players in the world, male or female, to have a career free throw percentage of 95% or higher, she's still looked down upon for being a WNBA player instead of a man in the NBA), we're having that same conversation again.

This time, it's not just the fans weighing in. Over the weekend, the BNP Paribas Open Tournament Director, Raymond Moore, also had something to say. "In my next life when I come back I want to be someone in the WTA, because they ride on the coattails of the men," he commented according to the New York Times. "If I was a lady player, I'd go down every night on my knees and thank God that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were born, because they have carried this sport." Gross.

Moore's comments are especially ridiculous considering that Serena Williams is one of the biggest atheletes in the game right now, if not the most talked about tennis player around. In fact, when Serena was going for the Grand Slam at the United States Open last year, the woman's tournament actually sold out before the men's did. But this inspiring athlete wasn't about to take Moore's comments lying down.

"If I could tell you every day how many people say they don’t watch tennis unless they’re watching myself or my sister [Venus]—I couldn’t even bring up that number. So I don’t think that is a very accurate statement...I think there [are] a lot of women out there who are very exciting to watch. I think there are a lot of men out there who are exciting to watch. I think it definitely goes both ways.”

"I feel like [those comments are] such a disservice to... every female," she continued, "not only a female athlete but every woman on this planet—that has ever tried to stand up for what they believed in, being proud to be a woman."

Moore has already apologized and stepped down from his position—you can read the tournament owner's statement on the website. Still, it's disappointing that these comments were ever made, especially by a leading figure in the sport.

We're glad that we have women and role models like Serena Williams who are more than ready to stand up to sexist comments like these and to keep proving that women can do anything that men can.

What's your take on this sports scandal? Which atheletes do you look up to?

Photo credit: Serena Williams


by Taylor Gardner | 3/22/2016