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Looks Can Be Deceiving

Hundred calorie snack packs may seem like a healthy gal's BFF, but secretly they're not as fab as you’d think. According to the New York Times, mini-packages of cookies, chips and now even ice cream will cause you to munch way more than you usually would. Because the packages seem so teeny-tiny, it makes you feel free to eat up to two times more than you would if you had to scoop a serving out of a bigger bag!

The li’l bags are makin' people confused about what a proper serving size is and are causin' guys and gals alike to tear open bitty bag after bitty bag to satisfy their cravings! But these snacks can be used as a nice munchie by following this healthy tip of the day: before you plop down in front of the TV, plan out your portions ahead of time, to avoid piggin out later on.

by Aubrey Tippett | 2/1/2016