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Bike It!


Teens across the nation are hoppin' off the bus and onto their bikes as they head for school, according to USA Today. As more teens go green, everyone is trying to do their part to help the environment and biking or walking to school—or downtown—is the perfect way to cut back on pollution. Not to mention that you can totally tone your bod while you're savin' the world.

And some schools are even dealing out sweet rewards to students who are making this healthy choice, with smaller giveaways like bottled water to big-ticket items like new bikes. And not only does a daily dose of exercise reduce your risks of getting diabetes or becoming obese, but gettin' your blood moving in the morning also helps ya focus better.

Though a few moms and dads are a li’l unsure about the idea of having their teens trek to school, most are totally on board with this new program. Some ‘rents are even choosing to jump into this new transportation sitch and pedal alongside their kids, so the whole fam can get fit and save tons of cash on gas.

Blog It Out... When school’s in sesh do you walk, ride your bike or take the bus? How often does your fam walk/bike instead of hoppin’ in the car?

by Aubrey Tippett | 2/1/2016