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These 5 girls are changing the STEM field

November 8 is National STEM/STEAM Day, and while women are still underrepresented in the science, technology, engineering and math fields, something pretty amazing happened last week. At the 2019 Broadcom MASTERS National STEM Competition, the *Top 5* winners were all female (can we get a "You go, girls!"?).

In fact, according to Forbes, for the first time ever, the competition saw more female participants to male participants. 

The girls racked up a cool $65,000 in prize money, and since they're all at the junior high level, we're sure we'll be seeing way more from them in the years to come.

Want to get to know the winners? Watch the videos below as they intro their award-winning projects. Brava, ladies!

Alaina Gassler introduces her project, "Improving Automobile Safety by Removing Blind Spots."


Lauren Ejiaga talks about her research, entitled, "Ozone Depletion: How It Affects Us."

Rachel Bergey presents "Spotted Lanternflies: Stick'em or Trick'em."

Sidor Clare talks about her "Bound and Bricked" project.

Alexis MacAvoy explains "Designing Efficient, Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly Activated Carbon for Removal of Heavy Metals From Water."

Are you involved in any STEM/STEAM initiatives?


by Jacqueline F. | 11/7/2019