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5 things to know about Jen Psaki, the new White House press secretary

Jen Psaki has been named the new White House press secretary for the Biden-Harris administration and she is worth getting to know. Check out these 5 interesting facts about Psaki so next time you see her on television, you'll know exactly who she is and why she's important.

Her resume is impressive

Psaki is a smart and passionate woman who has a lot of experience working in politics. She attended the College of William and Mary in Virginia. There, she double majored in Sociology and English while also working as a tour guide and interned with admissions. After graduation, she was part of John Kerry's presidential campaign team serving as deputy press secretary. According to Marie Claire, she also joined Obama's campaign and remained part of the team as traveling press secretary for his reelection campaign. 

She is part of an all-woman team

Biden selected a *powerhouse* team of seven women to serve as his communications staff. This is the first time in history the main communicators in the White House will all be women. This team consists of other inspiring women like Symone Sanders, Elizabeth Alexander and Karine Jean Pierre. Read more about this sensational team here

Her role is crucial 

As press secretary, Psaki is the main go-to for the media to get their information about the Biden-Harris administration. This also means her position is high-stress. She has the responsibility of being in front of cameras and reporters everyday trying to answer their questions as honestly and calmly as possible. While this sounds intimidating, Psaki has proved her confident demeanor and capability already. Check out the video above to see her first press conference.

She's fighting the good fight


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Psaki is part of this history-making team that is the Biden-Harris administration. In her first press conference, she noted many of the new acts President Biden implemented on his first day in office. These included rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, fighting racial injustices and controlling the coronavirus pandemic. 2020 left us with despair and stress, but with this new team in office, 2021 has brought something we haven't felt in a while: hope.

She's a mother

Psaki and her husband, Gregory Mecher, have two kids ages 2 and 5. It can be hard to balance a stressful job like hers and a home life, but Psaki is a strong woman who has shown she is up for any challenge. 


by Lily Baker | 2/7/2021