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Everything you need to know about the US women's Olympic gymnastics team

The Tokyo Olympics are fast approaching and the entire world is waiting eagerly for the US women's gymnastics team to take the floor. Over the years, the US women's gymnastics team has dominated at international competitions. The Tokyo Olympics are anticipated to be no different. The team consists of six women: Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, Jordan Chiles, Grace Mccallum, Jade Carey and Mykayla Skinner. Read on to learn everything you need to know about these talented gymnasts. 

Simone Biles

Everyone knows the name Simone Biles. As a returning Olympian, she is ready to make a comeback and dominate the competition just like she did in 2016. She is one of the most decorated American gymnasts of all time and won four gold medals at the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro. Simone is a powerhouse on all four events—floor, vault, beam and bars. She placed first at the Olympic trials (which comes as a shock to no one.) She is sure to come home with even more hardware and we cannot wait to see her rock the competition. 


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Sunisa Lee

At just 18 years old, this will be Sunisa's Lee first Olympic games. At the Olympic trials, she was one of the first members named to the team. She is a great all around gymnast, however she has a rather impressive uneven bars routine. We are *so* excited to see everything she accomplishes at her first Olympic games. 


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Jordan Chiles

Jordan Chiles will also be making her Olympic debut in Tokyo. At 20 years old, she is prepared and ready to excel at this year's games. She finished third at the Olympic trials and put on quite the impressive show. She trains alongside Simone Biles at the same gym—and they are super great friends. Jordan is one powerhouse of a gymnast and she is sure to make waves in Tokyo. 

Grace Mccallum

This will be 18 year old Grace Mccallum's first Olympic games and we *can't* wait to see her kill it. Back at the Olympic trials, she finished in fourth place—a very impressive feat amongst so many talented gymnasts. She is a very consistent gymnast who will offer a lot of stability to this year's team. We are eagerly awaiting for Olympic debut and so ready to see everything she accomplishes.

Jade Carey

Jade Carey will be competing in Tokyo as an individual gymnast—meaning she will not take part in the team portion of the competition. Regardless of this, she is sure to leave a mark on the competition—even if she is only partaking in individual events. She is a super powerful gymnast and always garners up a high score on vault. We are looking forward to seeing her in prime form and hopefully bringing back lots of accolades. 


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Mykayla Skinner

Mykayla Skinner has made quite the comeback from five years ago. At the 2016 Olympic trials—she was named as an alternate for the Rio team. Now, she finally gets her opportunity to travel to the Olympics as an offical team memebr. Like Jade Carey—she will be competing as a individual. We are patiently awaiting Mykayla's Olympic comeback and can't wait to see her take the floor for the first time at the games.

The Olympics begin on July 23rd—get ready to tune in and cheer for team USA as they go for gold! 

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by Paige Mountain and Serena Sherwood | 7/21/2021