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Go Eco-Savvy the Disney Way

Ever wondered what Demi, Selena and the rest of your fave Disney stars do to help reduce their own carbon footprints? Well, the answers are simple—and ones for any gal.

In celebration of Earth Day next month (yes, it’s April 22), we’re sharing some of the earth-saving tips members of Disney’s Friends For Change: Project Green swear by and how you can jump right in on the environmental brigade. For more info on Friends For Change, CLICK HERE.

Tip #1: Reduce and Recycle
“I always say recycle. We recycle all of our scripts we get every day. It’s sad when I go up to kids my age and talk about global warming and half of them look at me and say, ‘What’s that?’”Selena Gomez, Wizards of Waverly Place
“Recycling is major. On the [Zeke and Luther] set, we have recycling bins everywhere. Friends For Change really made me realize that a little community, or a group of people, could make a big change. I skate to the store instead of driving and stuff like that. There’s just so much that I do naturally now.”—Adam Hicks, Zeke and Luther

“Don’t throw out a lot of stuff. And [opt for] riding your bike.”—Logan Miller, I’m in the Band
Tip #2: Pinch Plastic
“Whenever you can, try not to drink bottled water. I have a bad habit of that because that’s all we have on set. It takes like ten years for the earth to break down one plastic bottle. It’s sad.”—Demi Lovato, Sonny With A Chance

Tip #3: Unplug
“One of the biggest things I’ve gotten my sister to stop doing is, girls, you know, have the straighteners and the blow-dryers and all that stuff. And it always stays plugged in. If you unplug it, that saves power.”—Hutch Dano, Zeke and Luther
“If you have a lot of different electronics plugged in, in your room, just unplugging things [helps]. There’s a thing called, “phantom power,” where it draws energy, even if it’s not turned on.”—Allisyn Ashley Arm, Sonny With A Chance

Tip #4: Take shorter showers…
“If you cut off a minute of your shower, you’re saving I think it’s like five gallons of water. You don’t realize how much water you waste if you just sit there. It’s nice to enjoy, but at the same time if you don’t need it, you can go through a lot of water a lot quicker than you would think.”—Jason Dolley, Good Luck Charlie

Tip #5: …Or just turn water off
“Shorter showers don’t work with most girls. Whenever you’re shampooing and conditioning your hair, [just] turn off the water.”—Allisyn Ashley Arm, Sonny With A Chance
Tip #6: Keep Lights Out
“Turn lights off. Even leave yourself a little note by the [switch]. I’m so bad at leaving all the lights on. I’m awful at doing that. So I leave notes to [remember] to do that.”—Selena Gomez, Wizards of Waverly Place

What’s one environmental tip you swear by? Blog about it, babes.

By: Patricia McNamara  
Photo Credit: Disney Channel


3/17/2010 7:00:00 AM