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Beat cyberbullying the Nick News way

We all know that cyberbullying happens, but now a TV special is finally gonna dig deep and find out not only why it's happening but also what we can do to make things better.

Nick News with Linda Ellerbee returns tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT with a brand new half-hour special entitled, “Sticks, Stones and CyberSlams.” This in-depth look at cyberbullying will feature kids, some who have been cyberbullied and some who’ve actually done the bullying, and will offer ideas for each and every one of us to help eliminate cyberbullying in our communities.

You’ll hear about Carl—a boy who took his own life at 11 after peers bullied him about his sexuality—and Marissa, 13, who attempted suicide after being bullied by people who she thought were her friends. Zachary will also share his story of a bully peeing on his head after threatening him with an axe.
The harsh reality of cyberbullying will definitely hit close to home with “Sticks, Stones and CyberSlams.” So, be sure to grab the ’rents and your brothers and sisters for the special tonight. Then come back and tell us what you learned about cyberbullying and your ideas to help put an end to it.

Have you ever been bullied? Blog about it, babes.


by Abby Lyon | 2/1/2016