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Critic's Pick: Prom

If you were to be asked to the big dance, how would you want it done? Through rose petals? A candlelit picnic? A rehearsed monologue in the school auditorium? All that and more goes down in Prom—in theaters today.


We caught the flick before it hit screens and are even more in love with the colorful crop of talent that brings life to the relatable—and believable—characters in this family-friendly movie.


As one can assume, Prom focuses on a set of intersecting stories of relationships and academics, culminating in the celebration of school’s biggest night. There’s the class president who won’t sleep until her Starry Night prom is perfect. The rebel with a tough home life who, deep down, we find is a total softie. The underclassmen who strive to fit in and the shy senior who now regrets not being gutsy enough around girls. The couple that’s been together since middle school…and the popular gal who recently ditched her cheating dude. 


Touching on the insecurities and hype that come with prepping for the huge event, tackling other teen “pains” (annoying parents, lies, guys who just don’t seem to get it…need we say more?) along the way, there’s enough material to make anyone who catches this romantic comedy draw upon their own teen experiences.


What do we love most about Prom? Aside from the comedic lines, hint of sappyness and set of characters whose boldness, innocence and stupidity make it hard not to want to be ALL of their buds, it drives home the point that there’s more to high school’s memorable night than what’s on the surface. Prom’s not about the fancy dresses or flawless decorations, how you were asked or who you even bring as a date. Putting differences aside to focus on having fun in the moment is what it’s all about. Classmates can surprise you and, hey, sometimes things don’t always go as planned, but learning how to snap back from any unsuspecting sitch is what can make you even more fab.


Be sure to grab your pack of gals and hit screens to see this latest release. With a PG rating, there’s no uncomfy scenes, meaning it’s OK if the ’rents tag along, too.


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by Patricia McNamara | 2/1/2016