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Five reasons to watch the return of Pretty Little Liars

We’ve got a secret. Can you keep it? We are totally buzzing with excitement for the return of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars tonight at 8 p.m. You would think that with a full season under the show’s fashionable belt Emily, Hanna, Aria and Spencer would be closer to unraveling Rosewood’s mysteries, but that’s SO not the case.

The first season closed with a bang (or the sound of church bells and a car crash to be exact) and it is any fan’s guess what will happen next. We can’t help being super excited for everything about the show’s return, but a few lingering thoughts jump out in particular. 

1. Where is Ian?! OK, so a seemingly dead man hanging from ropes in a church tower usually doesn’t disappear in a matter of minutes. Is Ian alive? Who helped him down? Does Melissa know more than she is letting on? Is he going to come back as a zombie (as Emily suggests in promos)?
2. Who is Logan Reed? You may not recognize his name, but we think there is more to the guy who tried to drop off the money in exchange for the incriminating “home movies” than just being hired online.
3. Who will be Emily’s love interest this season? Things aren’t going smoothly between Emily and Paige. Will Samara, the jewelry making, GSA chick, step in?
4. Is Aria and Ezra’s relationship in jeopardy? After breaking her trust in the season closer, Ezra has to find some way to apologize. While we think the couple will be back together soon, there is always that little nagging problem of getting caught in a very illegal relationship.
5. Who was the mysterious person who pushed Ian? Was it A? Ian seems to know them because right before he was pushed he asked, “What are you doing here?” Suspicious.
What are most excited to find out from the PLLs season premiere tonight? Any predictions? Blog about it, babes!


by Mary Hojnoski | 2/1/2016