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Four OMG moments from last night's PLL

Welcome to my second recap of PLL Season Two. The third ep started off seriously scary and I was so relieved that it was a dream! Unfortunately, not every creepy moment on this show is such. Here are my top four OMG moments!


OMG Moment 1: Spencer pawns her sister’s ring Spencer decided it was totally OK to pawn Melissa’s wedding ring to buy Toby a truck. OK, Spencer, your sis may be acting cray-cray, but that is not permission for you to do something completely ridiculous!


OMG Moment 2: Wren When I saw Melissa’s ex in the recap before the show, I knew he would show up. But I have to say, I was still surprised that he is secretly helping her in some way!


OMG Moment 3: Emily fakes the college scout letter—and then trashes it—but then it shows up again! I knew Em wouldn’t actually send the letter, but when it got sent regardless, I was surprised. What was even stranger though was that she would empty a trash can on her bed. C’mon, Emily. You sleep there!


OMG Moment 4: Hanna deletes Isabelle’s message First off, I understand why Hanna did this. She wants her family back together again. But, I’m still left uneasy because this is just another lie involving parents’ relationships. We all saw how well that worked for Aria!
My predictions for next week: Jackie saw Ezra and Aria kissing in this week’s episode. She knows Aria is underage. Does this sound good?! I’m also thinking things with Melissa are going to get more complicated. The show has been dancing around the Ian thing for two episodes. It’s time to see more. Tune in with me next week!

What was your favorite Pretty Little Liars moment from last night? Blog about it, babes.


by Mary Hojnoski | 2/1/2016