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Our favorite acoustic tunes

This summer, I have fallen in love with searching for the acoustic versions of my favorite hits. It’s a totally different experience, getting to hear the artists I adore belt out popular tunes with just a guitar or a piano.

With school starting, I have these eight songs on my “Stripped Down and Acoustic” playlist ready to blast when the homework starts piling up. Add these jams to your iPod before the summer’s over for some awesome new versions of some of your faves.

“Umbrella” - Marie Digby

This sweet tune was made popular by Rihanna and Jay-Z. But the acoustic cover done by Marie Digby takes this hip pop tune and turns it into a soothing alternative version.

Catch the tune here!

“Pray” - Justin Bieber
There’s no question: many of us heart the Biebs. But the acoustic version of this new song will only make you love him more. Without all of the extra musical elements, Justin’s voice really stands out. 

Catch the tune here!

“Haunted” - Taylor Swift 
Taylor’s latest album, Speak Now, dropped back in 2010. But the acoustic version of this song was just recently released. Although Haunted hasn’t been a single, it is a great tune that is definitely worth checking out.

Catch the tune here!

“This is Me”- Demi Lovato 

We all know this awesome song from the Disney Channel Movie Camp Rock, but have you checked out the acoustic version? Demi’s voice totally shines.

Catch the tune here!

“Little Lion Man” - Mumford and Sons
It was the first song to hit the charts by this new group. And in the acoustic version, the lead singer’s unique voice sounds amazing while accompanied by just a banjo and piano.

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by Katelyn Lester | 2/1/2016