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14 hotties to drool over

Valentine’s Day might not be until Feb. 14, but here’s a list of the 14+ hottest guys around to hold you over. They can dance, act, sing—and make you drool like there’s no tomorrow. So close your mouth, breathe through your nose and check these cuties out.
  • avanjoga.jpg
    Avan Jogia

    With his sultry stare and gorgeous hair, this boy could make anyone fall in love. His ultra-smooth character on Victorious only makes him that much more drool-worthy.


  • nickroux.jpg
    Nick Roux

    Leather jacket? Check. Spiked hair? Check. As one of the main characters of the new show Jane By Design, Nick is on our TVs every week—and we couldn’t be luckier! We can’t keep our eyes off the screen every time he comes on.

  • tristan-wilds.jpg
    Tristan Wilds

    He’s been on the show 90210 for a while now, but he’s still managed to stay on our hot guy radar. He has a couple new movies coming out in the future, and we’re sure girls will be lining up to go see them.


  • kenny-wormald.jpg
    Kenny Wormald

    This boy. Oh, this boy. He can dance incredibly and that alone makes him hot. Then add an extremely cute face, a thick Boston accent, and acting…why you’ve got yourself one of the most drool-worthy guys around. His Footloose film comes out soon on DVD, and will be a huge hit for sure.

  • onedirection.jpg
    The boys from One Direction

    There was no point in listing them separately because they all make the list. They dance and sing and melt the hearts of girls all over the world with their infectious pop music and accents.

  • zac-efron.jpg
    Zac Efron

    We’ve liked him since he was on Summerland, then fell in love with him in the High School Musical series. And now we’re about to faint because of him when his new movie, The Lucky One, hits theaters this spring. He’s all grown up—and he has grown up VERY well.

  • roshon-fegan.jpg
    Roshon Fegan

    As one of the stars in Shake It Up, Roshon shows us that he’s got moves. He makes us wish that we could just jump into our TVs, just so we could dance with him. Oh, if only.

  • tyler-blackburn.jpg
    Tyler Blackburn

    Yum. What else is there to say about Tyler? He plays super-cute Caleb on Pretty Little Liars and he makes us drool each and every time he shows his adorable face.

  • drew-van-acker.jpg
    Drew Van Acker

    It seems like all the hot guys just decided they wanted to move to Rosewood because Drew plays Jason on Pretty Little Liars. His character is a little sketchy sometimes, but other times he is totally loveable. In real life, Drew seems loveable to us all the time.

  • brandon-mychal-smith.jpg
    Brandon Mychal Smith

    A boy who has the capability to make you laugh is extremely hot. Where would we be without any laughter in our lives? Um, nowhere! Thanks to Brandon and his character on So Random!, we don’t have to worry about that.

  • raymondablack.jpg
    Raymond Ablack

    He plays the smart and cool Sav on Degrassi, and his character shows that you can still be popular even if you do well in school. It doesn’t have to be either or with Raymond. His sweet face and cute character make us fall in love.

  • jeremyjordan.jpg
    Jeremy Jordan

    This newcomer is Keke Palmer’s crush in the new movie Joyful Noise. And we can see why her character is crushin’ on him because we are, too! He’s cute and he has an amazing voice. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

  • blair-redford.jpg
    Blair Redford

    He plays the sweet, misunderstood bad boy on The Lying Game, and we can’t get enough of him! He has that hot, edgy look, but you can tell he’s a total softy on the inside. Right, Blair?

  • btr.jpg
    The boys from Big Time Rush

    Stars of the show by the same name, these boys are really making names for themselves. They’re heading out on a sold-out tour and are going to be performing in front of many screaming girls. They dance, act, sing, and are so totally cute! Excuse me, where are our tickets to the concert?!


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by Rachael Ellenbogen | 2/1/2016