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Our fave Gossip Girl moments from the past 100

It’s been almost four-and-a-half years since Gossip Girl first hit TV screens. And the show is still super popular. The incredible actors, the cute boys, great storylines and totally awesome styles are all to thank for that.

Tonight marks the 100th episode of Gossip Girl and we couldn’t be more excited! The last 99 all have had some crazy moments, funny sitches and romantic scandals. So believe us when we say we can’t wait to see what happens next! But before you watch Blair walk, or more likely strut, down the aisle with her prince (no, literally, he’s a prince!) at 8 p.m. ET/PT tonight, check out our favorite Upper East Side memories from over the years.

Victor, Victrola

Dan and Serena have been dating for a bit, but then they started to realize they are just from two completely different worlds. Finally, they admit they are beyond crazy about each other and don’t care about how much money they have…or don’t have for that matter. So, they end up having a super romantic evening and Serena tells Dan that no one has ever looked at her the way he does. Swoon!

New Haven Can Wait

Blair has wanted to go to Yale for as long as she can remember. When she and Serena get into a fight, Serena decides to take a tour of Yale to get back at Blair. Skip to later in the episode and you have Blair and Serena at the Dean of Yale’s party, outside on the deck with Blair throwing her purse at the back of Serena’s head. Say whaaaa?? Yeah, you read that right. Next comes a big cat fight between the two with scratching and hitting and pulling. Serena even insults Blair’s headband! Like seriously? NO ONE INSULTS BLAIR’S HEADBAND! Oh well, catfight galore made for one of our fave moments for sure.


Jenny is getting into quite a bit of trouble when she starts to hang around her model friend a lot. Who has her back? Not her big bro Dan, but Nate! Why, you ask? Jenny was wondering the same thing…and then they kissed (the moment we obviously had all been waiting for!) and it causes her to realize that maybe he likes her and that’s why. Um yeah, we think so too. Nate is such a cutie and he had been super protective of Jenny the whole episode. Their kiss at the end was totally perfect.

Valley Girls

The creators of Gossip Girl were considering making a spin-off based on the teenage years of Lily, Serena’s mom. We didn’t end up getting that series, but at least we got this episode, which gave us a little glimpse of what the show would’ve been like! We got to learn more about what Lily was like when she was younger and check out some pretty crazy throwback fashion.

The Goodbye Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck. We’ve always known that they loved each other, but they could just never admit it to themselves! We saw them play game after game, each time one of them getting hurt. Chuck tries to get Blair back (for like the fiftieth time), but she just doesn’t trust him because he has hurt her so much. He says that she should believe him this time and spits out those four words we’ve been dying to hear: “I love you too.” Squee!

Dan De Fleurette

We’ve missed Hilary Duff so much since she starred in Lizzie McGuire, so any time she guest stars in something on TV we obviously have to watch. Since we are already addicted to Gossip Girl, it just made us that much happier when Ms. Duff got some screen time. She plays an actress who becomes Vanessa’s roomie at NYU. Um, who wouldn’t want her as a roommate?! This is the first episode Hilary appears in, but all her episodes were great.

The Kids Stay in the Picture

Blair has always wanted to be a princess. Well, she always thinks she is a princess actually. After she gives a prince her shoe in Paris (not really thinking she’d see him again), Blair goes on to live her everyday life. At the end of this episode though, you get a peek into Gossip Girl’s version of Cinderella. The Prince of Monaco, Louis, steps out of his limo, holding Blair’s very expensive shoe. The episode ends there, and you can just feel the fairytale unfolding.

Beauty and the Feast

Prince Louis’ sister, Beatrice, comes to town and she won’t leave Blair alone! Blair is barely eating any food and when she does, she runs straight for the bathroom. This causes Beatrice to believe Blair is bulimic. Dan is also questioning Blair about everything, so she ends up telling him inside the girl’s bathroom that she is pregnant! Little did Blair know at the time mean sis-in-law-to-be was overhearing the whole “private” convo. Now Beatrice knows and is holding it over Blair’s head.

Do you think Blair will go through with the royal wedding? Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

What are your favorite Gossip Girl moments? Blog about it, babes.


by Rachael Ellenbogen | 2/1/2016
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